How to Grey, Gracefully

How to Grey, Gracefully

So, let's say you like the idea of embracing some (or all) of your natural grey, but you are not sure what options exist. AH, that is where my specialty comes in. And THAT, my friend, is what we are talking about today- the three basic options for going grey hair - full coverage, grey camouflaging/blending, and grey enhancement. 

Baby Boomers & Grey Hair

Baby Boomers & Grey Hair

Right now, one of the largest groups that needs HELP is the last wave of boomers. Ya'll are amazing, hard working women with an open mind and great attitude towards learning new things. But, like any human being, I have noticed that the collective group of you are conflicted about signs of aging. The idea of "natural beauty" really appeals to you, as part of your cultural upbringing. But HOW do you embrace "natural beauty" when nature doesn't feel so beautiful anymore?

I Recognize this HUSTLE: Growing a Business is like Growing a Baby

I Recognize this HUSTLE: Growing a Business is like Growing a Baby

Having a baby, after launching 2 businesses, feels oddly familiar. In fact, I recently discovered that birthing a baby and birthing a business share these 10 uncanny common experiences.

Use these 10 Indicators to see if YOU have the personal stamina to take the plunge.

How to Shop When You Hate Shopping

How to Shop When You Hate Shopping

I hate shopping. 


I hate shopping when I am searching for something that I HAVE to find. One specific item. And then sometimes, when I cannot find it. I settle. I settle on whatever will do the trick. But it's not the perfect find. I settled because I was under a deadline.

Treasure hunting on the other hand---OH, I love that kind of shopping! 

Caring About Your Image is Not...

Caring About Your Image is Not...

Caring about your image is NOT...

...a reflection of superficiality.                                                                                                    I love the Image Industry. It is so visual.  Some scoff at the superficial tendencies that it has. I get that, yet I am a really down to earth person and I am IN IT, deep. How does that work? 

Summer Baby is Here!

If you haven't noticed, it's been on the quiet side this past summer. And it's NOT because everyone has been on vacation. No, it's because I have been expecting my first baby and went into labor 15 days past my due date... so, that ate up most of July and August! 

I have GOT to give credit to all the moms out there who have birthed a child. That was the most physically rigorous thing I have ever experienced. And, it was not the "easy" birth that my "easy" pregnancy seemed to imply. Thirty-six painstaking hours of laboring after contractions started, I FINALLY had a beautiful baby boy. Elliott Wesley, or Little E as we call him at home. I am falling in love a little bit more every day... especially, now that he is learning the meaning of cuddles, smiles, and kisses.  


Well, truthfully, I can't say that I had ever aspired to be a mother (i just thought it would be inevitable if not avoidable), but it's got a certain familiarity that I keep recognizing. After birthing two businesses, I have sort of learned (trial-and-error) how to hustle, work efficiently, and work down a list of priorities as fast as possible...while still reserving energy for nourturing clients one-on-one. I get a little high off those days when I get SO MUCH done because I have planned and executed particularly well. 

I don't exactly believe in the work SMARTER, not HARDER mantra. 

I believe that when you work SMARTER AND HARDER, you get the WORK HARD, PLAY HARD benefit. And I embrace the beauty of completely letting go to be in the moment.

To my clients, family, friends, and folllowers, thank you for all the kind words and support. It's been a crazy season. Now, more than ever before, I see that life is never in truly in balance..

Still it is the striving towards balance that keeps us focused and sane. it is the heart of gratitude that keeps us content and often happy. 

Meet, Elliott Wesley Bonawitz. Born July 21, 2016. 7lbs 12oz. 

Both myself and Baby E are a little puffy, swollen post-childbirth. Elliott was about 6oz heavier than he should have been, due to all the Fluid IVs I was on for 36 hours. 

Both myself and Baby E are a little puffy, swollen post-childbirth. Elliott was about 6oz heavier than he should have been, due to all the Fluid IVs I was on for 36 hours. 

E has the grandpa scrunch face down pat. 

E has the grandpa scrunch face down pat. 

Your Capsule Wardrobe Blueprint

Your Capsule Wardrobe Blueprint

Learn how to create a simple, stylish, functioning wardrobe in 50 items or less. This is my professional blueprint to building a Capsule Wardrobe. Follow this and you will be able to make the most of your clothing, your budget, and your style. How? You will streamline your options and create a closet that feels more like shopping from a beautiful display than digging through options. You will feel less stress, do less laundry, and pick out a fabulous outfit each morning in 5 minutes or less. 

90s LOVE Translates into WEARABLE Summer Trends

90s LOVE Translates into WEARABLE Summer Trends

The 90s love is continuing to reign in so many areas this spring. 

These styles beckon me to my middle school days... a time like no other. Summers were long. You still knew all your friends digits and birthdays BY MEMORY. Minimalism had taken over the fashion scene post 80s.

This season's comfy fashion trends are a nod to childhood goodness and the reminders that long summer days are ahead. 

Style without Sacrifice: Comfy Spring Street Fashion

I hesitate to write the word COMFORT in the title of this blog, as it so often implies that we must sacrifice STYLE for the sake of function. 

For fun, I thought, why don't I highlight some particularly stylish trends/people/images that are finding that happy place where COMFORT meets STYLE? 


Image from  Pop Sugar

Image from Pop Sugar

All the rage, this trend allows you to sport athletic accents as a part of every day outfits. Althetics is engrained in our work-out-loving, sporty, on-the-go culture, that athletic-wear companies now have oodles of cross-over designs, made for looking cute in the gym or on the street. 

I love the United States for THIS...and to-go coffee cups! 

What it's NOT:

  • you looking sweaty and gross after an hour in the gym. 
  • you looking like you rolled out of bed, smoked up, and mowed the lawn in a pair of white new balance mom sneakers ;)
Image from  Wit & Whimsy

Image from Wit & Whimsy


It just makes sense for the minimalist in all of us. A a true blue accessory, mini crossover are both stylistic and functional. You can keep one hand available for that coffee on-the-go and the other for your that set of keys (or metro card)! My favorite variation-- a real vintage take on in.  Watch vintage purses continue to price higher and higher on Esty as this trend catches on. 

Image from  Sincerely Jules

Image from Sincerely Jules

What it's NOT:

  • a massive carry-all bag with a strap. 
  • an excuse to carry 2 bags. 



Tan Duster

The return of the long sweater cardigan is in following. We have moved from the cocoon shape, into the high-lo hemline, the handkerchief rippled hem, and all the way back to an extra long straight shape. My advice? Find the shape/silhouette that is the MOST flattering on YOU and stick with it.

Tip: Lighter material clings to the body and shows off curve/shape. Straight lines work well for straight shaped bodies. Curved lines work better for curvy bodies. 

Image from  Fashion Enzyme

Image from Fashion Enzyme

What it's NOT: 

  • an excuse to wear pj's in public
  • a reason to shapelessly, shamelessly (pun intended) hide all flaws




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