HOW TO Closet Cleanse, Spring Clean, Wardrobe Edit

Are you digging through piles of old, worn, challenging options when you get dressed in the morning. Are there MORE clothes than hangers to hang them on? 

Imagine that every morning you would have the chance to “shop” in your closet for perfectly hung, perfectly fitted, slam-dunk outfits.

In this vlog, I share my trade secrets on how to organize your closet and wardrobe quickly and efficiently! I would love for you to TRY THESE STEPS and  give me feedback on how it improves your process. 


Your main goal when "cleansing" your closet should be to

quickly and efficiently

pick out a cohesive outfit


reflects your personal style








Here are some tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Remove old clothes! 

Ask yourself, what have I not worn in the last year? 


Tip #2: Separate them into 4 different piles.  

  • Things to get rid of

  • Things to replace

  • Things to mend or clean

  • Things that have nostalgic value


Tip #3: Create a wardrobe shopping list of things that you need to buy in the future in order to make use of certain outfits.


Tip #4: Pack away nostalgic pieces, or use them in a creative way.  

  • Put it in a chest/drawer for safe keeping

  • Utilize the material for something else, like a quilt of memories