How to Shop When You Hate Shopping

I hate shopping. 


I hate shopping when I am searching for something that I HAVE to find. One specific item. And then sometimes, when I cannot find it. I settle. I settle on whatever will do the trick. But it's not the perfect find. I settled because I was under a deadline.

Treasure hunting on the other hand---OH, I love that kind of shopping! Shopping with no particular purpose…. for random gems that might pop up. 

Vintage clothing. Vintage furniture. 

Off price retailers with name brand goods. 

Clearance racks. Flea markets. 

Those darn Target end caps full of redline items.

…Anything BUT actually shopping for what I need. It’s just no fun to be searching out an item that you may or may not find. Once found, you may or may not have enough options;  may or may not like the fit. I have often wondered, how could I make this less painful?

SOOO, I have spend a lot of time, as an image consultant, coming up with specific formulas to find the things you NEED as painless as possible, while being ACCURATE and EFFICIENT. That way, we love ALL our clothes, even the ones that are no fun, standard necessities that are absolutely necessary to shop for. That way, everything that we ever pull out the closet is something that will be a "slam dunk" successful outfit. 

Are you ready?


An item must pass through 2 filters before being allowed to become one of the closet favorites: 

If it passes the BODY SHAPE Checklist  and then also passes the STYLE Checklist  =  SUCCESS

When I work with most clients for the first time, we must find out if he/she


  1. How to dress for her body shape AND
  2. How to dress in a way that defines her style


To learn more about dressing for our body shape, check out my upcoming Vlogs on YouTube.




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