Style without Sacrifice: Comfy Spring Street Fashion

I hesitate to write the word COMFORT in the title of this blog, as it so often implies that we must sacrifice STYLE for the sake of function. 

For fun, I thought, why don't I highlight some particularly stylish trends/people/images that are finding that happy place where COMFORT meets STYLE? 


Image from  Pop Sugar

Image from Pop Sugar

All the rage, this trend allows you to sport athletic accents as a part of every day outfits. Althetics is engrained in our work-out-loving, sporty, on-the-go culture, that athletic-wear companies now have oodles of cross-over designs, made for looking cute in the gym or on the street. 

I love the United States for THIS...and to-go coffee cups! 

What it's NOT:

  • you looking sweaty and gross after an hour in the gym. 
  • you looking like you rolled out of bed, smoked up, and mowed the lawn in a pair of white new balance mom sneakers ;)
Image from  Wit & Whimsy

Image from Wit & Whimsy


It just makes sense for the minimalist in all of us. A a true blue accessory, mini crossover are both stylistic and functional. You can keep one hand available for that coffee on-the-go and the other for your that set of keys (or metro card)! My favorite variation-- a real vintage take on in.  Watch vintage purses continue to price higher and higher on Esty as this trend catches on. 

Image from  Sincerely Jules

Image from Sincerely Jules

What it's NOT:

  • a massive carry-all bag with a strap. 
  • an excuse to carry 2 bags. 



Tan Duster

The return of the long sweater cardigan is in following. We have moved from the cocoon shape, into the high-lo hemline, the handkerchief rippled hem, and all the way back to an extra long straight shape. My advice? Find the shape/silhouette that is the MOST flattering on YOU and stick with it.

Tip: Lighter material clings to the body and shows off curve/shape. Straight lines work well for straight shaped bodies. Curved lines work better for curvy bodies. 

Image from  Fashion Enzyme

Image from Fashion Enzyme

What it's NOT: 

  • an excuse to wear pj's in public
  • a reason to shapelessly, shamelessly (pun intended) hide all flaws




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