Your Capsule Wardrobe Blueprint

Do you stress over choosing outfits in the morning? Dig through piles of the wrong things? Do you get a headache thinking about packing for a trip out of town? Do you wish you could simplify your wardrobe (without sacrificing style)? 

If so, creating a Capsule Wardrobe is for YOU. 

Learn how to create a simple, stylish, functioning wardrobe in 50 items or less. This is my professional blueprint to building a Capsule Wardrobe. Follow this and you will be able to make the most of your clothing, your budget, and your style. How? You will streamline your options and create a closet that feels more like shopping from a beautiful display than digging through options. You will feel less stress, do less laundry, and pick out a fabulous outfit each morning in 5 minutes or less. 

  1. Prepare - Identify Style Inspiration & Season Needs
  2. Create- Weed, Identify Essentials, Make Shopping List
  3. Reflect & Re-Create

Prepare Yourself  

Identify Your Style

(Keep in Mind: Creating a Pinterest Board is Helpful!)

  1. My Personal Style- words that describe my style:
  2. My style is inspired by this person __________________________ (think, Celebrity Inspiration).
  3. Common Activities: 
  4. Color Preferences: 
    • Neutrals
    • Major Colors
    • Accent Colors
  5. Lifestyle: 
  6. Budget (see Wardrobe Essentials Guide online): 
  7. Up-coming Special Events:
  8. Seasonal Needs:
  9. Favorite pieces / Existing outfits:
Matching hangers makes clothing display clean and simple each morning. 

Matching hangers makes clothing display clean and simple each morning. 

Create the Capsule Wardrobe- 3 Basic Steps*

STEP 1. Pre-weed and prep your closet of old, unwanted garments.

  • remove all clothing from closet and drawers.
  • immediately, get rid of things that you have not worn in over a year. 
  • get/use matching hangers!!

STEP 2. Keep the essential 50 pieces in your wardrobe.

  • 50 pieces (Start with 10 bottoms, 10 basic tops, 13 shoes, 7 layerable tops like cardigans or suit coats, 2 outdoor jackets, 5 dresses, 3 trend items like scarves). Adjust to your preferences. Keep unlimited bras, undergarments, tights and socks.)


  • modify by using 1/3 of your total starting closet content (I, personally, do the modified version because I like more shoe options) 


  • change each season (about every 3 months) 

STEP 3. Make a shopping list. 

  • note the gaps in your wardrobe
  • note trend/seasonal items that you are interested in adding

*Keep in Mind: 

  • store things you may yet use/want in a bin out of eyesight (for peace and calm)
  • if your body is experiencing rapid, temporary change (Pregnancy, a medication adjustment, an operation, etc, you may store items longer than 1 year)


Reflect & Re-Create

  1. What worked? 
  2. What did not work? 
  3. Why?
  4. How did it feel each day? Overall? 



While weeding the closet can SOUND easy-peasy, the truth is that we have a LOT of emotion attached to our clothing and image. Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest part. 

THAT is where I come into play. To get the personal support of a friend, with the professional knowledge of an image consultant, I can help you walk through this process and streamline your life. 

Are you asking yourself if this service is right for you?



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