2011's Goofiest Fashion Trends

((Just for the record, this is an opinion based website, also known as a BLOG. While I have spent all of my adult working life in the fashion and beauty industry, you may OR may not agree with all I have to say, and that's great. TELL me about it. Leave a comment!!))

2011's Goofiest Fashion Trends


Ugg Ugly

This lingering trend has been around for far too long.

I love Ugg Boots...the Uggs meant for cold weather wear!! But, the ones these girls prance around in as winter boots are appropriate as indoor slippers only. I don't get why you would waste the money on a pair that is about to be demolished shortly by Rochester's snow, salt and winter grime. 

THAT's not even the worst of it. It is really a fashion mistake- they make every woman's leg look shorter, like she has cankles. Unless you have never ending leg, why? Why?! I will tell you: it's simply the age old need for name-brand recognition (and a few really nice people who got thrown onto the trend because they just can't think for themselves).

The Harem Pant,  aka "Diaper Pants"

This trend just doesn't make sense, here in the states. The inseam appears to never end. It poofs up when you sit down giving ladies man-crotch. The sape doesn't do anything for your hips whatsoever. Those to dare dawn this trend are mostly uber-skinny models and fashion students hawking new trends constantly. 

For whatever reason, I dig it. Maybe it's the fashion major in me. I am guilty of rocking this trend...and as long as I am standing whenever photographed, it looks pretty cool. [insert laugh here]

Half Shaved,  Long-Haired Cuts

I have to admit, I kinda love this trend, goofy as it is. There is no common sense reason behind this- it grows out horribly. But, maybe it is the part of me that finds Native American imagery interesting. Or,  perhaps, it is just the simple surprise factor, that punk "I don't give a f***" what people have to say.

A suggestion for the brave few: if you are going to go embrace this trend, eye-liner will be your best friend. Remind them that you are a lady, after all.