Things My Mother Never Told Me: Body Waxing

If your mom was a teen in the 60s, 70s or 80s, there is a social disconnect when it comes to feminine hygiene/grooming....I know it's taboo to type about, but c'mon many times have I been asked "Psst, I know this is kinda weird BUT what do you think about Brazilian waxing verse laser treatments?" when I start to wax someone's eyebrows?

Every woman who is even old enough to even consider waxing has a mother raised in the good old safari bush days, if you know what I mean.

Two things that I should state. Woman (and men) of all ages wrap your heads around this:

1. It is OK to wipe out the map. The new territory is there to be discovered.
2. On the other hand, it is OK to prefer a rustic, earthy approach to living. Your jungle was created that way for a reason- a little extra protection never hurt anyone.

Herein lies the problem. Just keep it groomed. NO one in public wants to get a glimpse of anything past that bikini line.

What about bumps? Pimples? Ingrown hairs?
After you get it waxed (or lasered), keep your skin exfoliated and you will be fine. Razoring down there is a load of nonsense and is way too scratchy (for you AND other people).

Note: you will also get more longevity between waxes if you do NOT shave in between your appointments.

How badly does it hurt? I am not going to sugar coat this. Your lady (or man) parts are getting waxed. Its like big band-aids getting ripped off your skin. But, for the sake of human decency, choose pride, here. Choose pride.