Ombre Hair: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I love trend setters. I love trends. But, I also have to establish a certain taste-level in the sense that "trendy" can veer into the realm of dangerous. Case in point: ombre hair.

It's been a strong trend since last summer and it lends itself nicely to hair with any sort of wave curl. How wonderful to finally have a style that makes long hair appear edgy. There is a definitive line between cool, edgy and just plain trashy though. Please don't ride it unless you are drop-dead gorgeous.

 Soft, subtle, feature-enhancing ombre. Will looked great dressed up or down.  

I am sorry to say this Miss Drew Barrymore, but you are not in that category. You are the simple-fresh faced girl next door who has grown into 30 some-odd, woman. Grungy, regrowth-enhancing ombre hair does not become you. How to avoid the pitfall??

No, thanks. Looks ok when she's dolled up, but just grungy when she's candid.

Enjoy but avoid over-doing the trend by keeping the contrast within a color range that jumps no more than 4 levels. Your hair stylist/colorist will know what that means. Drew's jump from deep brunette to bleached blonde does not enhance her skin or features and from the back it can look like a bald monk's circle. Caution.