The 1940s Stole My Heart

Ever think you were born in the wrong time period?  The colors of fashion this Fall are so entirely vintage American, I just could not be happier. True mustard yellow, deep burnt oranges, mulberry meets plum, navy blues that lean towards royal, army greens... I want it all.

 Mash that up with tweeds, cable knits, denim and some fabulous structured silhouettes with a waistline that really destroy any overindulgent 80's-esque costume nonsense trying to vie its way into our hearts at the local mall.

Hair and makeup get a rejuvinating kick too with soft romantic silhouettes, curls abundant. Makeup looks that enhance all feminine features, rather than suggest ambiguity, are reminding us that we may chose suggestive eyes and kissable lips over blatant outcries for attention.

Oh, 1940s, let's return to this nostalgic moment. Throw some Count Basie into your record player and pull out The Andrews Sisters Christmas album because real-home, "down earth" melodies and elegant style is back. It is that authenticity that we all crave and it's just perfectly in time for the holidays.

Top photo from, Tory Burch Shirt Dress; Bottom photos from, backstage at Dior Spring 2010