Things My Mother Never Told Me: Makeup

As woman, we have all had that Ah-HA moment when we learned something about image that our mother failed to teach us as young ladies...and so begins the series "Things My Mother Never Told Me."

1. Makeup: Cream on Cream, Powder on Powder.

Somewhere between concealer, foundation and setting powder, the order of everything else was completely left out. And, if you are anything like me, you improvised. WRONG.

Anything creamy or liquid should go on before dry, powdery products. This means, eye liners (creamy) before shadow (powder). Common sense- the shadow SETS the liner and keeps it from traveling. THEN, if need be, go back and add an accent or two atop your shadow. But, take it from my trial and error, it is annoying when liquid liner goes skidding across already powdered skin.

2. Makeup: Curl Lashes BEFORE Mascara

Honestly, you are just wasting mascara and giving yourself more cleanup to do if you apply before curling. Avoiding curling altogether by priming the lashed instead.

3. Makeup: Primer, What is It?

It is what it sounds like. It's just like balancing and prepping your walls for a new paint job. Skin Primer goes on after your moisturizer and before your foundation to even out skin discoloration and make your makeup last hours and hours longer without constantly touching it up. A 20th century gift to woman.

Lash Primer goes on before mascara and works wonders to protect and plump lashes. Also, prevents mascara from getting crispy on your tender lids.

4. Makeup: HOW to Look Bronzed Without Bronzer

It's ok to use two shades of foundation for dimension, rather than bronzing your cheeks to death with powder. Foundation glows from the inside out and looks much more natural and subtle.

5. Makeup: Camera Nightmare

Foundations with SPF of 20 or higher can create glare ("shine") when reflecting light of a camera. Stick to SPF 15 or lower in your daily lotions and foundations. Better yet, steer yourself in the direction of foundations MADE  to be used under lights.

Andrea's Top Picks: Foundation and Mascara

  • Foundation Lancome Photogenic, Arbonne Liquid, HD Makeup Forever...these feel so breathable and balance tone in photos
  • Mineral Powder: Arbonne ...your skin will be glowing.
  • Setting Powder: MakeupForever HD Microfinish Setting Powder...softens overall makeup without in any way altering the colors.\
  • Primer: Makeup Forever has everything from clear to tinted primer for controlling color imbalances in skin's tones...balances skin tones, makeup lasts for the entire day.
  • Mascara: Lancome Primer and classic Definicils Mascara. Naturally defined lashes... I try to cheat on Definicils, but find myself going back again and again, dissatisfied with so-called competitors.

Photo Credits: Photo by Hannah Betts, Hair/Makeup by myself, Andrea Galdieri Bonawitz, Model Anna Dana