The Quest for Eyeglasses

For goodness' sake, you'd think you could find a decent pair of eyeglasses in this city! That was my initial thought, after my new puppy devoured my frames. I set out to find a new style.

The truth is, you can find a decent pair. Sure, finding the ideal pair, much like the ideal haircut, requires a bit of searching but if there is anything Rochester has in abundance, it's some great frames. I've recently gone from East to West Rochester checking out the frames. Here are my top recommendations:

1. Eye Openers.
Located on Monroe Ave in Brighton, you will find unique frames and attentive service. It's best to book and appointment in advance. Take advantage of their annual "Garage Sale" the first week of August. This unadvertised event is highly sought after, as designer frames are on clearance for as low as $30. One downfall is that they have mainly daytime hours.

2.Our Village Optician
Located in small town Brockport, home of SUNY Brockport College, "Lee Lee" carries an incredible variety of frames from dozens of different venders. Best variety, by far, including Coach, for the brand snobs out there (NOT my style to advertise a brand blatantly, but thank the good Lord that the world is full of diversity!). Downfall: ONLY daytime hours and you can only order frames Monday-Thursday, when Lee Lee is working...ahhh!!! It's like they are trying to lose business.

3. One Hip Chic
Located on Park Ave in Rochester, this is a true boutique. The atmosphere, presentation and selection of frames is well thought out and the most unique in the city. You want some funky frames? This is the place. European, Bob Dylan-esque, retro flare, or just plain unusual. One Hip Chic is the most fashion forward shop of the city, and its surrounding area. You will also pay the most!! (Completely worth it.) Bonus: clearance rack in the back. There really is nothing truly negative to say about this place. Keep in mind, the selection is won't find anyone else in the city with the same pair of glasses if you purchase here, but this means the selection is limited, as well. Hours are decent; prices are $250+.

4. Empire Vision, Brockport Location
This is the best chain store in the area. Why Brockport? The Buyers/Merchandisers target this location with trendier frames, due to the immediate college population in the area. Absolutely worth checking out, especially if you are budget minded.

So, where did I end up buying some new frames?  I found the perfect shape at Our Village Optician, but the color didn't sell me enough to spend $334 dollars on one frame (lenses included). Instead, I found and equally funky, albeit a bit less unique, pair at Stearling Optical of Henrietta in TWO colors and bought them both for a great bargain. This August special included getting $100 off your first pair of glasses and 50% your second pair. Both frames (lenses included) came out to be $342,  just $8 more than the pair I had deliberated over in Brockport!! Yay for me!!

Sure, I could have hooked my husband up with a new pair of glasses instead. But after all that research, I deserved a couple different pairs to go with my ever-evolving wardrobe. This time, it was ok to be selfish.