Thread: Burglary and Fashion Show

Have you heard? Thread (located on South Ave) is hosting a fall fashion show at Tilt Nightclub on Saturday September 12. The theme, Outlaw, speaks to the recent burglary at Thread a few weeks ago...and perhaps the edginess of this fall's fashion as well? Can't say I quite find the fashion this fall pushing any boundaries. Either way, the fashion show couldn't have been aimed at a better week, considering Rochester's Insider Magazine did their best version of a fall fashion preview this week and Thread was in every shot.

The Insider spreads had potential to be more interesting but stayed predictably commercial, with a Walmart-appropriate friendliness. Could this be because the inventory was limited to the whopping THREE  Rochester clothing boutiques that promote a general interest in the skate/street culture? Why didn't they contact Krudco for some least for some shoes? (I wish that they'd hire me to style those shoots...they are less than interesting. That said, I DO honestly appreciate the beautiful backdrop of Veneto's exposed brick wall).

I don't mean to be a Negative Nancy, but my last point of contention about those Insider spreads: nowhere did it clearly state where any of those clothing stores could be found or contacted OR who styled the shoots.
Keep it comin', Rochester, but let's step it up.