Fashion in Rochester?? August 24, 2009

So, here we go: my simple thoughts, ideas, discoveries and suggestions about Rochester style, music and art as it relates to fashion.

Rochester. Great place to live. The general job fields here revolve around education and  hospitals. Here I am, post college, newly married and finding life in Rochester. But, very little fashion (or, so is seems).

I am no fashionista. I am a displaced fashion major in love with inspiration, history, color, style, texture, silhouette and a good buy. I am a twenty-something year old, semi-hipster with some solid indie rock in my ipod and a love of learning. My favorite childhood game was dress-ups and I never really grew out of it.

My goal: to get an intelligent discussion about Rochester fashion into an open forum. 
(That's right Emily Shearing. I said intelligent.)

Awesome. Thanks for checking me out.