Things My Mother Never Told Me: CURLS to the Rescue

YES, it is time to have another curly hair chat! Last year, the Curly Hair post had more action than I have ever seen before- why???

Because over 90% of the poplation has curly or wavy hair ... and most of our moms dis not know how to guide us to make it look AMAZING. We were taught to brush our hair, shampoo regularly, and pull it out of the way. 

The KEYS to amazing curls

at home: 

DO NOT over cleanse (cleanse as needed!) = prevention
DO HYDRATE, hydrate, hydrate! = treatment
DO NOT touch constantly. (Decide on the style when the hair is wet, SET, & forget. 
STOP TOUCHING it when it is drying!!!) = daily maintenance

Learn more about at home maintenance with the Purchase of Curly Girl, a guide to all you need to know about hair, by Lorraine Massey (co-owner & stylist at Devachan Salons in NYC). 

This is a GIANT sized CURLY GIRL hand the entrance way to Devachan Salon, Soho. 

at the salon: 

find a stylist that works with a lot of curly hair = experience
find a stylist that cuts curls DRY= knowledge
find a stylist that doesn't ASSUME you expect your curls to be blown out = can educate you 

This wavy hair looked straight and frizzy when she came in...

Camera shy, yet beautiful sleek any age! Never too late to learn!

added bonus: FIND A STYLIST that is a curl specialist. This means trained by CURL professionals like the DEVACHAN salon training in NYC. = next level excellence 
Requesting a "Curly Hair Styling Lesson" is one the best uses of your time and money...most curl specialists will include a mini lesson with your hair cut, but don't be afraid to ask (or pay for) extra time to take a lesson. This is information you will use for the rest of your life. 

Recently, I finished intense training with Devachan Master Stylist, Denis DiSalva (co-owner and inventor) and Master Colorist Shari Harbinger. As a DEVA inspired stylist, it is my goal to share with you little known truths behind beautiful natural hair care...and SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS for all those lost curly girls out there who have been going at this thing trial-and-error since childhood. 

Annalise & Denis showing off their eager pupil. 
Denis explains the dry cut, the similarities and differences to cutting straight hair. 
Hard at work practicing on freshly highlighted curls, PINTURA style. 

My beautiful cut & color model- a joy!! Her curls were completely gone on her ends (from over chemical processing) before we began her transformation.  

To learn more about my exciting trip to Devachan NYC, read my Fusion Salon blog @ !