What to Know Before the Show

Lately, my clients have been interested in going to Fashion events in Rochester and the biggest question seems to be, "What is it like?" This usually means is, "What should I expect? Can anybody go? Will I feel out of place? What should I wear?"

The thing that separates the International Fashion Week that takes place in NYC, Londan, Milan and Paris from Rochester fashion events is being "fashion forward" as a opposed to fashion of the now. Our local events revolve around retailers showing off their current seasonal stock. During International Fashion Week, designers are previewing their collections a year in advance for retailers (buyers) to purchase. This means that the Fall Collections shown in Milan will be the styles that we begin to purchase and see in Rochester Boutiques in Fall 2012.

As tomorrow night is the kickoff to Fashion Week of Rochester with a Boutique Crawl, I am here to answer your questions.  

What should I expect? 

Lots of people, a lot of ladies traveling from boutique to boutique dressed sharply but not too fancy to be getting in and out of the car. Boutiques will have their best foot forward with a spread of wine and some cheese or fruit. Most likely, there will be local models milling about the store wearing the merchandise. 

At fashion shows, expect people to look sassy, be drinking a decent amount and be viewing upcoming displays of the vendor's merchandise for the season.Often there is a mini-performance during intermission.

Can Anybody go? Will I Feel Out of Place?

Anybody can go to the boutique crawl. Anybody can go to fashion shows, typically, although tickets should be purchased in advance. Feeling out of place is all about YOUR attitude. Go in a sassy outfit with a pep in your step and you will blend right in. 

What should I wear?

This is an excuse to look fabulous with no holds barred. Go for it. Dress up as much as you want. I suggest starting the outfit out right with some spectacular shoes and building your look from there. Just keep in mind that Rochester weather can be finicky! Bring an umbrella.

WARNING: Do not go in Jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. You will look frumptastic and be casually dismissed immediately. I hate to sound superficial, but c'mon. It's a fashion event. Take some pride in yourself!