Rochester: Fashion Flash

Dear readers,

First off, my apologies for falling off the face of the earth this summer. I have been focusing energies on a fashion/beauty photographic project about to be wrapped up. (Images coming soon!) I am back and in business.

If it's any consolation, the fashion mood is JUST shifting now, as it always takes AMPLE time for Rochester to AMP up. But, never fear! Fashion is in the sweet smelling air of fall!


Two major upcoming events will be defining style this season.

Fashion "Week" of Rochester

Rochester's first ever Fashion Week has been declared for Sept 30-Oct 2. More of a expose week-end, it boasts of a 3 day foray into what Rochester has to offer: a boutique crawl through 14 of the area's locally owned and operated destination stores; The Art of Fashion, a still modeled fashion show at Four Walls Art Gallery; and the weekend culminates with The Height of Fashion, a live runway show hosted by Rochester's own Memorial Art Gallery. This sounds built for success.

One criticism: scheduling for this event was not clearly defined online or in print until a mere 3 weeks before the event. Even the local area stores selling tickets were not updated with details before/at the point when tickets arrived. For the sake if fashion aficionados awaiting in anticipation, get your info out there sooner!
Eye Candy hosts during Fashion Week's Boutique Crawl Thurs, Sept 30th.

Dado Fall Fashion Show

Dado kicks off it's third bi-annual fashion show October 19 at Good Luck, with a preview of fall/winter samples to salivate over. Don't fix what ain't broke seems to be the theme, as jewelry shown remains to be by Mann's and Futurpointe performs at intermission for the second time consecutively. New to the mix and will be hair (and makeup?) by Rock, Paper, Scissors Salon, an up-and-coming salon in the area salon circuit. One can't help but wonder why Scott Miller pulled out of Dado's fall/winter preview to do Fashion Week of Rochester...makes for a slight sense of competition. But, who are we kidding, here? Rochester's scene is just burgeoning such that the reality is beaucoup room for growth. 

Ok, ladies and gents- get dapper, get set and GO!

Dado Fall Fashion Show- Tues, Oct 19th. The third bi-annual show slated to be a success.