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In the Know: Cool Metal Jewelry

It is hard for me to tell you. I selfishly want to keep this amazing little secret to myself. But, today I gave myself a talkin' to and decided you all just need to know. Marissa of Interstellar Love Craft has the best deal on  handmade metal jewelry that you are going to find in Rochester. 

I do not frequently find myself to be a repeat customer with jewelry but WOW. I am on my fifth piece already. Marissa's aesthetic is refreshing. She plays with metal in an both earthy  and geomtric styles. I have gotten compliments every time I wear my pieces. The prices are fair, even on the special order items. My last piece was a special order that she let me help design. She didn't up-charge for the request and didn't mind when I asked for an extension on the chain. 

My next piece is going to be bringing her some of my favorite material (fool's gold/pyrite) and seeing what she want to do with it....can NOT wait. 

You best get some pieces by this niche designer before the demand begins driving prices up. 
Support a cool person who is creating a style for a very select crowd, here in Rochester.

Interstellar Love Craft . Marissa currently works in a studio at 250 Goodman St, #203. She has shown her jewelry at Java's Hearts & Crafts events and at the 2011 Clothesline Fest and will be at Artist Row Sunday, September 18th at the Rochester Public Market (10am-4pm).