Fashion & Freaks

It's THAT time of year!!

FALL. FASHION. FREAKS. Fall fashion freaks.

But that's not all, folks. Nope. Hold on to your seats, September is so full, it's spilling over into October.  Check out these awesome events, worth amping up the wardrobe for the evening (need some wardrobe assistance??? shameless plug…call me!!

Sept 12th 
FROM THE GROUND (Greentopia Fashion Show)
Time for fashion freaks to make there way out of hibernation and the perfect way to start out the season is at this year's eery, "Alice-in-Wonderland meets Pans Labyrinth" style From the Ground fashion show. For newbies on the Rochester scene, From the Ground is the fashion element at the Greentopia Festival in downtown Rochester.

(NOTE: To read more about the show, check out my FIRST EVER print article in the (585)Magazine September/October Issue!! In it, I feature the unique partnership between the show's founders, Shawn and Athi, just plain good people intent on pushing the boundaries of creativity and community building.) Look for me in the front row!!

ROCPROM (Also, Sept can make an appearance after the Fashion Show.)
A new event, an excuse to dress up, a place to be seen with other cool people willing to spend 50/ticket to dance the night away at a not-so-exclusive, "exclusive" Strathallan event.
Why the dry wit?? Because the invitation says "invite only," but has a credit card/paypal option for anyone to purchase tickets. Oh, marketing.
Why is it really worth checking out?? the sponsors are the new kids in town and seem to be pretty likable hosts-  (585) Magazine, Pour Coffee Parlor, and Candidly.

Sept 12th and 13th

Sept 27th 
DRESS UP for this one- it's a taste of the NYC runway vibe hosted for and by Rochester socialites galore. (Thank God Dalida is so down-to earth!) Dado has done a KNOCKOUT job putting together her fashion show fundraisers, proceeds of which go to the Wilmot Cancer Center. Read more about her story in my latest blog.
So bummed! I be away for this milestone show. Thankfully it is bc I am hosting a special hair (hair fashion & education) show in Poughkeepsie with my co-workers. I will be a guest artist for THE FIRST TIME, educating for Goldwell Hair Color!! Wish me luck.)

October 14th-18th
For all my criticism, here is the bottom line: there is still only one group coordinating "Fashion Week" in Rochester…and I can't help but attend in a city with an Fashion and Beauty Industry that is so damn limited! 6 Nights, 6 Events…you have to at least go to ONE. I'm looking forward to the Saturday night show, hosted in the recently renovated Midtown Tunnel. (Message me if you want to join!)

I will be sure to update this post, as more events get added. This is just scratching the surface! 
Let me know what you think of the show(s)!
WHICH ONES are your favorite THIS YEAR?