Style Coach to the Rescue: Model Turned Mommy

It has become apparent to me that woman of Rochester are expressing interest in their ALLOVER image, head to toe, not just hair or makeup. Client after client pulls from my fashion background for information... I am no longer avoiding the inevitable and have started offering personal consulting for the allover image- wardrobe, hair, makeup. You're probably wondering

what is personal image consulting? 
who would pay for that?

(good question. let's check it out.)

meet, Anna. 

Anna was has been a stunning model for my photo shoots in the past. But, guess what? She had a baby last year. AND guess who's not feeling so much like a model these days? Yes, Anna. Anna needed a style coach.

Anna, Before: unmaintained,2-toned ombre has turned into a muddy collage

Last year Anna had a baby and started her own business selling all natural, personal skincare products. It is time for Anna to FEEL the part, LOOK the part, and DO it ALL within her busy new lifestyle as a mom. Anna needs to be able to quickly transition from mommy mode to manager mode within a quick 20-30minutes, on any given day. 

Oh, did I mention??.... night, Anna plays in a rock band, too! This beautiful, young woman needed a truly versatile, but hip look that makes her feel comfortable with her body as she continues to shed the baby weight. 

HAIR: Anna's First Image Consultation 
Anna, After: Her angular, elongated heartshape, means that a soft, round shape will create feminine width.

To Be Donated

Anna, After: Flapper Bob with Playful Fringe

A short bob, reminds us of a sleek business woman by day and a liberated 20s flapper by night. Easy and appropriate whether Anna choose to wear it in a loose finger wave (her natural texture) OR a sleek blow-out. This means Anna is not freaking out when she has to leave the house in a hurry or if she only has time to air-dry.

Her color is a hidden smattering of copper red, placed intentionally so that the regrowth line will not be noticeable when if she can't make it to the salon at 6 weeks ON THE DOT. Easy, beautiful, flexible color. 

More blogging on Anna's Makeup and Wardrobe sessions coming soon. Cheers to you, Anna!