He Asked for the "Hitler Youth" Hair Cut

The other day a friend and local musician sat in my chair for the first time...I would describe him as being pretty adverse to trends just for the sake of trends. So I was, quite frankly, shocked when he pulled out some images of Ryan Gosling for his hair cut.

I asked him, "What did you search on Google when these images came up- Ryan Gosling hair cut?" He replied,

"Naw, I don't even know who he is...I looked up 'Hitler Youth Hair Cut." I couldn't help but giggle. 

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about term "undercut". Within this category, I hear people asking about vintage styles- everything from the "Hitler Youth" look to the 90s Skaterboy.

image from thesartorialist.com

What is do all these undercuts have in common? It's when a portion of hair is cut significantly shorter underneath a longer portion. Typically the two sections do NOT blend, resulting in a disconnect of hair that can be overt or subtle. The term "undercut" has been coined to signify that the look of the entire haircut is determined by this technique.

A simple Pinterest or Google image search of "Under Cut" will result in image after image of heads shaved on the side...never fear!!

disconnected curls. image from gerrydavis.blogspot.com

While this is ONE VERSION of the technique, there are hundreds of ways to incorporate this simple disconnection into a hair cut, resulting in extremely edgy to utterly sophisticated affects.

Bottom Layers are undercut AND disconnected from the top layer. Top fringe has disconnected, edgy, yet sophisticated, fang-like points.

A popular take on this trend is a dapper sort of unisex shorter version. HBO's recent hit series Boardwalk Empire, set in Atlantic City during the Prohibition, has certainly spurred the trend on. The popular trend is extremely reminiscent of the Depression era.

Mischael Pitt rocks the 1930's hair, playing Boardwalk Empire's darling baby-boy upstart gangster "Jimmy Darmody".

On females, the unisex shorter version boasts a devil-may-care, oft punk or grunge variation.

image from random google search