How Skinny Should My Tie Be?

Rule of thumb, gentlemen: your tie should be an appropriate width-to-body-mass ratio.

With the trend towards skinnier and skinnier ties, we make a nod to all things MadMen and every other 60s based tv show hitting the channels this fall (Pan Am, The Play Boy Club). But, seriously fellas, take a good look in the mirror and make an informed decision. "Does this make me look like I am wearing  a piece of fruit-by-the-foot?" A slender man with a slender tie= dashing. A big dude with a skinny tie has created a disproportionate suggestion that he is even larger. 

Need a guide? Keep the width no wider than a roll of extra wide duct tape and no skinnier than the width of your two index fingers. And this my own personal suggestion- a tie should never be skinnier than one's belt. 

The retro-inspired skinny tie image is not complete unless paired with NONpleated dress pants and/or a sleek, fitted suit.

Cheerio, my dapper men. Cheerio.