How to Wear a Scarf

The great thing about Rochester is "weather" it's summer, winter, spring or fall, you can always rock a scarf. As it happens, I have a particularly long neck and I wear them almost daily in the winter. Lately, my clients keep asking me how to wear a scarf. I took these inquiries as encouragement for my next assignment.

May I suggest two main pointers?
1. Chose a fabric that is unique, looks great and hangs nicely.
2. Scarves look better on a blank canvas- wear them with solid colors and simple necklines.


Scarves allow YOU to be creative, but here are some ideas for inspiration.

Trendy Summer Scarf
 I like the shape of a square piece of material worn as a scarf.  The method here is a cowboy-esque, bandana wrap but using a woven scarf. I suggest you put your own spin on it and STOP with all the's been overkill since last summer. 

Try this similar look instead:

The Gauzy Scarf
Scarves made of lightweight gauzy material look beautiful and can be worn casually wrapped and draping. I prefer to buy them on the wider side, as they can double for a lightweight shawl. For a trendy take, look for unique prints, weaves, or hand dipped dyes. There are so many gorgeous designs out there. When in doubt, a solid-colored, gauzy, cotton fabric still takes dyes with beautiful just can't go wrong. 

 This scarf has been wrapped continuously around the neck, end tucked in.

Modern takes on prints and dyes create a melted look when draped around the neck. 

The Eternity Scarf/Circle Scarf

This is my favorite new trend! The eternity scarf is merely a large loop of fabric that can be wrapped multiple times around the neck. I prefer these scarves in lightweight gauges or jersey knit (soft, t-shirt material). So comfy! The trick: it's hard to wear these with collared jackets. Most people wear over or under the collar. I like to get creative with all my oversize collars and wrap them "together forever". (Ok, that was corny.)


Classic Looks
Of course, we must not discourage the tried and true minimalist ways of wrapping a scarf, depicted below. 

Now, go buy some scarves!