The Heaven's Shine Down: New East Ave Boutique Opens

I get so excited when I see something fresh happen for Rochester fashion! Savvy shoppers out there NEED to check out EYE CANDY on East Ave ( ).

Opened by graphic designer Nadine Hall of Penfield, Eye Candy has bold, simplistic atmosphere. The walls are bright and colorful, allowing the clothing to take centerstage against them. The music was quirky in that indypop way that make you want to nod your head to the beat while you shop. I must also add, when I went in the heat was ON and I heartily appreciate the warmth when I'm standing in the dressing room in my underwear!

Best of all, Nadine was attentive without imposing that irky obligation that you MUST buy what you opt to try on. Therefore, I purchased!! Yes and I wholeheartedly plan to spend a nice chunk of my next paycheck on the Recession denim that I tried on but could not afford this week.

Oh, you know we are all checking the pricetags, holding our breath, at places like this. FEAR NOT for the little black dress for under $100 is with you. Clothing options included a sundry of pieces for under $100 and a few just over. Men's clothes, naturally ran a little higher, but the basic tops for men and woman alike were $40-$50. The men's section was fitted with some decent outerwear; the woman's was not. (I did find this peculiar. And you know I love my jackets.) Instead, the woman's had a feisty show of holiday dresses and pieces that can be mixed and matched. Is this tactic a sign of inexperienced buying or a smartly targeting the demographic? I'm prone to think the former, but time shall tell. Time shall tell.

Recession denim, currently at Eye Candy (Pics from Penguin shirt, below (pic from