Enjoy this all-inclusive package combining services from the “Refresh" and “Reclaim” packages, plus unique Outfit Pairing services, and your very own Personal Wardrobe Lookbook. 

  • Personal Body Shape Analysis
  • Personal Style Analysis
  • Color Checklist
  • Closet Cleanse
  • Wardrobe Assessment
  • Strategic Shopping List
  • Unlimited Email + Phone Support


  • Strategic Shopping Lesson #1
  • Strategic Shopping Lesson #2


  • Outfit Pairing Services
  • Personal Wardrobe Lookbook


This is the time that your stylist will get to know you in depth and create customized game plan. Bring your favorite images, inspirational Pinterest boards, and/or items that describe your personal style, life style, and color preferences

  • Personal Body Shape Analysis: We will spend 1 hour analyzing your body shape and explaining clothing styles to target and those to avoid.

  • Personal Style Analysis: We review your inspirations and create your Personal Style Description. This depicts and will project your personal taste, who you are, and your lifestyle needs.

  • Color Checklist: This is a brief assessment of your understanding of color and choosing shades that bring the most life to your skin.


1 visit (up to 2 hours) – We will spend time weeding out items that do not fit within your personal style, body shape, or color specifications.


2 visits (2 hours each) – We spend two visits assessing your wardrobe, creating a personalized checklist of wardrobe basics, and creating your strategic shopping list.


Up to 2 hours – After completing your wardrobe assessment, we will create a shopping list of recommended items and retailers that may carry them and/or cater to your specific needs. The list is based on the evident gaps in your wardrobe.

Outfit Pairing

1-2 visits (2 hours each) – We spend two visits dedicated to pairing outfits together WITH you and FOR you, based on the combination of your former and new wardrobe items. 

Personal Wardrobe Lookbook

Andrea will create your own Personal Wardrobe Lookbook of outfit pairings, based on your wardrobe and Andrea’s professional notes to you. It can be updated seasonally in the future.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited phone and email support throughout the timeline of the package. 

“Andrea is knowledgeable,creative and FUN to work with! She assisted me in finding just the right outfit for a special event. The experience included analyzing, planning and shopping. She was able to quickly pinpoint my style and my needs. She gave me the courage and support to select a fabulous outfit, one that I would may not have dared to go with if I was shopping alone.” 

Erica R. - Educational Tutor, Mother of 4 Boys
“Andrea is so tuned-in to beauty and fashion, yet a great listener and very sensitive to clients’ needs. I especially appreciate how Andrea approaches each opportunity with a fresh perspective and finds creative ways to make people really shine.”

Matt D’Angelo - Photographer, Father

Time Investment: 15 Hours, 6 weeks

  • Six weeks of one-on-one time paired with personalized email/phone support with Andrea, over a designated 6 week period.

Financial Investment:

  • $1600 Package Rate
  • Suggested Spending Allowance: I suggest that you reserve a spending allowance for items on your strategic shopping list. This amount varies from person to person, depending on the size of the list.